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A Lost biker

The Lost MC New Jersey Chapter is a chapter of the one-percenter motorcycle club, The Lost MC, which is based in North Kearny, New Jersey, at a clubhouse there. The chapter was torn in half by a civil war with Brian Jeremy's faction and Johnny Klebitz's faction in 2008, and after the death of Jim Fitzgerald, Klebitz and the few survivors of the war burnt down the clubhouse and resumed activity, based from their individual apartments. The chapter is allied to the Uptown Riders and Torres Cartel, while they are enemies with the Yardies, Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Angels of Death, and Albanians.

History Edit

The New Jersey Chapter's original leader was Mike Harvey, a biker from Jersey City who franchised the club, making his own chapter based at a clubhouse purchased in North Kearny. Its most famous leader, however, was Billy Grey, who became the leader in 2000. The Lost MC became powerful, despite back-to-back warfare with the Angels of Death and small-scale turf warfare with the Hillside Posse, Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, and Albanian Mafia, and it reached the height of its power when Vice-President Johnny Klebitz became the acting president following Grey's departure to rehab in 2007. However, upon his return in 2008, he retook his bike (given as a peace offering to the Angels) after a shootout with the AODMC at a warehouse, and warfare restarted when he killed Fred Maguire and the AOD bikers who "crashed" his homecoming party to check if the truce was still on. The Lost MC New Jersey chapter blew up the Angels of Death Clubhouse in Harlem following this incident, as well as the murder of Jason Michaels by the Faustin crime family, and the Lost MC continued its costly warfare.

They were torn apart because Grey felt that Klebitz and Jim Fitzgerald were betraying him and set them up at a Triad heroin deal, but they fought their way out and it was Grey who was maimed by the NYPD when they arrived at the scene, and he was arrested. Klebitz became the president, but Brian Jeremy, the Secretary-at-Arms, split off and founded his own rogue MC. Klebitz later killed him and his factional members after finding his location from Capo Ray Boccino. The chapter killed off his whole gang and they erased their threat at last on October 30, when they stormed the Jersey City Correctional Facility to kill Grey, who joined the Witness Protection Program. Afterwards, they burnt down the clubhouse and resumed operations from their own homes, rather than from the club. They continued blowing up their rivals' transport vehicles, ambushing convoys of cruising gangsters, and attacking their hideouts.

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