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The Outlook Shootout
Conflict: Mob war
Date: May 30, 2008
Place: Outlook, Brooklyn
Outcome: Ancelotti victory

Ancelotti crime family

Messina crime family


Luis Lopez
Armando Torres
Henrique Bardas

Mark Volpe


3 men

10 men


one wounded

all killed

The Outlook Park shootout was a gunfight that erupted on May 30, 2008, between the Ancelotti crime family and Messina crime family when Ancelotti gunmen Luis Lopez, Armando Torres, and Henrique Bardas attacked a drug deal and stole the stash. All of the Messinas were killed.

Battle Edit

Lopez, Torres, and Bardas were associated with the Ancelotti crime family, working for Tony Prince as guards for his nightclubs. However, they also stole drugs to sell to create a drug empire and a secondary job. On May 30, 2008, they raided a drug deal by Messinas in the Outlook' recreational park. They were attacked by Molotovs as they drove into the dealing area in their black van, but were not hurt. Henrique was shot in the leg when he ran under the park bridge in the path, shooting at the Messinas, but Luis killed all of them and stole the stash. They drove off to Cerveza Heights, where their drop-off point was, and were paid in full.

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