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Theodore Ruiz
Theodore Ruiz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 18, 1900
Veracruz, Mexico
Died 1959
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Granados Granados crime family
Title(s) Capo
Theodore Ruiz was a Mexican-American mobster and a caporegime in the Hispanic Granados crime family. He was born in Veracruz to poor parents, but became rich after being affiliated with the Granados Cartel, which later became the Granados crime family. Ruiz built up his own crew out of dangerous criminals, and ruled over a vast territory in Miami once he immigrated to America. Ruiz was murdered in 1959 after being viciously beaten with Dominic's bare hands.

Biography Edit

Ruiz was a veteran of World War I, and got hooked on barbiturates after the war. He had a deadly aim afterwards, and was recruited by Don Rico Granados as a Capo in charge of the Ruiz Crew. By the time that he was in the field of the Granados War, his two men had been killed.

Death Edit

Ruiz and Paul Morales attacked Basso Oil Fill & Co, but Morales was shanked and died. Shortly after, Jimmy Lira cut down a fence with a cutter and Dominic moved through and beat Ruiz with a bat. When Ruiz fell to his knees, he put the bat in his mouth and slammed his head to the pavement, crushing his head in.

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