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Third Lost MC-Jamaican War
Gang War
Conflict: Gang wars
Date: November 30, 2008
Place: Roosevelt Island, New York City
Outcome: Jamaican victory

The Lost MC

Hillside Posse


Johnny Klebitz

Little Jacob


7 bikers

30 bikers


4 killed

all killed

The Third Lost MC-Jamaican War was a gang war between The Lost Brotherhood, a biker gang, and the Hillside Posse, a faction of the Hop-Scotch Mafia. The Jamaican hideout on Roosevelt Island was nearly taken over by the bikers after a gunfight, but Hillside Posse reinforcements drove the bikers back.

Battle Edit

After rounding up other members of The Lost MC and meeting them on Frankfort Avenue in Midtown, Johnny Klebitz and his gang rode on their motorbikes to Roosevelt Island to start a gang war with the Jamaican Mafia, the old rivals of The Lost MC. The Lost MC bikers drove down the Triboro Bridge and fought with the Jamaicans, in a night battle at the warehouse. Many of the Hillside Posse gangsters were killed, but Jamaican reinforcements arrived, and The Lost retreated.

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