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Tino Brazello
Biographical Information
Aliases "Kansas Tino"
Gender Male
Born 1917
Died 1955
Affiliation Cuneo 2 Cuneo
Title(s) Soldier
Tino Brazello was a Cuneo soldier who ran their money operations in Kansas City, controlling the Kansas-NYC railroad links from Kansas City to Hell's Kitchen. In 1955, the Corleones stole all of his money, and murdered Brazello and he was member of DeBellis Crew.

Biography Edit

Tino Brazello was born in Carson City, Nevada, to Italian parents. When he was young, the family moved to New York City's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood to make ends meet. He was the brother of Antonio Brazello, a Cuneo bookeeper. In 1945, he became associated with the Cuneo after working as a railroad manager. He was put in charge of the smuggling of money from Kansas City to Hell's Kitchen, running the trans-US railroad lines for the Cuneo. In November 1955 the Cuneo were on the losing side of the Five Families War, as the Cuneo Compound was bombed to end their control of Hell's Kitchen. However, they continued running business there, and Brazello kept the tracks under Cuneo command. But rival Corleone crime family Capo Peter Clemenza sent Aldo Trapani to infiltrate a shipment of cash, which was too much for their rackets to launder, so it was going to be shipped back. Brazello was shot at the railroad tracks there, and died before all of his equipment was blown up and his money stolen.

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