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Emblem of Tony Rosato's family.

Tony Rosato's Family, was a crime family based in New York City, but its primary operations were in Miami and one of two splintergroup of Rosato Gang. The crime family was founded by Tony Rosato in 1958 when Tony Rosato left the Clemenza crime family, taking what he had and setting himself up in Miami. His gang had 1,000 employees at its height, and had an organized Italian Mafia structure, but was actually disorganized and unconnected in other terms. It was eliminated in 1960 when the Tony Rosato Compound.

History Edit

Tony Rosato was a Capo in the Corleone crime family's vassal group, the Clemenza crime family, who was promised three territories in The Bronx after Peter Clemenza died, alongside his brother and fellow Capo, Carmine Rosato. The Rosato Brothers left the Corleones after Clemenza died, because his successor Frank Pentangeli did not hand over the territories, as he thought that they had murdered Clemenza, believing the heart attack theory incredulous. Rosato's family not only recruited Italians, but also Hispanics and Blacks, and they had 1,000 people in 1959. Tony's Gang took over the Corleone interests in Miami, which were SaniCo Truck Depot, ABF Ltd. Construction Site, Astoria Construction Site, SaniCo Hauling Depot, Ausiello's Bar and Grill, and S&L Construction Site. As stated, they took quite an interest in construction, but were also involved in gambling and the drugs crime rings.

In February 1959, the Corleone crime family Capo Dominic murdered Carmine Rosato and took over all of his rackets in New York City, reclaiming lost territory. In response, Tony Rosato tried to hunt him down, ordering his enforcers to murder Dominic as soon as he entered Miami. However, no mob war began until the Corleones began hitting off Tony's made men. Rosato lost most of his businesses by the end of May, and in January 1960, Rosato was holed up in his compound in Shoreside, Queens. Rosato was killed when Dominic bombed his compound, eliminating the gang.

Members Edit

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