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Torres Cartel
The Torres Cartel, was a drugs trafficking organization that operated in The Bronx, New York City. It was formerly led by Elizabeta Torres, a Puerto Rican drug dealer, until she was arrested for drug trafficking in 2008.

History Edit

Elizabeta Torres was a Puerto Rican-born immigrant to America, and she began dealing drugs in the 1997, when she was twenty years old. By then, she had a criminal career, for murdering a man who tried to rape her when she was fourteen. She founded a gang that had connections with the North Holland Hustlers, McReary crime family, Hop-Skotch Mafia, the Uptown Riders, and The Lost MC, but also had associates who were also a part of the Russian Mafia, such as Nikolai Bellic. She became known as the "meanest bitch in the Bronx" by Johnny Klebitz, leader of The Lost, since she sometimes stabbed men in the back while they were dancing with her at a party in her apartment. Torres' associates Bellic, Klebitz, and Playboy X were nearly killed in a S.W.A.T ambush on a drug deal, sending an undercover agent to act as a drug addict who would buy their drugs, Charlie Ming. Afterwards, the Torres Gang attracted NYPD attention, and Elizabeta became paranoid after being sold cocaine by Little Jacob, Underboss of the Hillside Posse. After murdering Manny Escuella, a member of the Spanish Lords, she was arrested by the NYPD and sentenced to 300 years for drug possession, and her gang functioned leaderless. 

Members Edit

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