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Trailer Park

The Trailer Park's location in Miami.

The Trailer Park was a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, which was located on an island near Little Havana. The Trailer Park was controlled by the Trailer Park Mafia in the 1980s, and was also contested by the Montana Cartel and Diaz Gang. It had a considerable redneck community.

History Edit

The Trailer Park was a commune established in the 1950s in Miami by southerners who were destitute, forming their homes inside of trailers, which were the size of cargo containers. The park was a poor neighborhood that was high in crime, and Nacho's Gang and the Diaz Gang had considerable territory there; in 1983, Nacho's henchmen tried to assassinate Tony Montana in the Trailer Park, but failed. It was also controlled by the Trailer Park Mafia, a group of the inhabitants who were racist drunkards, either wearing camouflaged shirts with the Confederate flag, or a green shirt with torn-up jeans. The TPM were mainly equipped with baseball bats, and were enemies of the various Cuban gangs and the bikers. Constant turf warfare occurred in the park, until 1986; by then, the park was demolished and turned into a huge vacant lot.

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