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Trailer Park Mafia

"Trailer Park Mafia" enforcers

The Trailer Park Mafia were a gang of southerners who were from Miami's Trailer Park neighborhood, filled with rednecks who lived in trailers. They were enemies of the Cholos, Los Cabrones, and the Miami Bikers, and later on, the Vance crime family. They were exterminated in 1984 by Victor Vance, and by 1986, the trailer park had become a vacant lot.

History Edit

The Trailer Park Mafia were founded by Marty Jay Williams, a redneck who became a loanshark and pimp, in the Trailer Park district of Miami, where many poor southerners resided in their trailers, alongside Hobos. The TPM were involved in prostitution, loansharking, and protection racketeering, and were rivals of the Cholos, Cubans, and bikers. The TPM were weak, so they employed Vic Vance as a hitman on multiple occasions. The gang owned Sunshine Autos, a car dealership that they used as a front to sell stolen cars, many of which they hijacked and returned to the shop for further payment. The gangsters were mainly inbred, drunkards, and racist, and were an easy target for rival gangs in empire buildings. The Vance Gang took over the Trailer Park from the Mafia in 1984, eradicating them, and the trailer park was later destroyed in 1986.

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