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Uncle Fu
Fu Chin
Biographical Information
Aliases Uncle Fu
Gender Male
Born October 25, 1871
Hong Kong, China
Died August 4, 1998
Los Angeles, United States
Affiliation Triad Uncle Fu's Gang
Title(s) Don
"Uncle Fu" Chin was a Chinese crime boss who was the leader of Uncle Fu's Gang, a boss from Los Angeles who was best known for being one of the oldest people in history. No Chin, his nephew, was the acting boss from 1960 to 2001, when he was murdered by his own Underboss Chow Yun Thin.

Biography Edit

Uncle Fu was born in the Manchu Dynasty of China, back in 1871, and immigrated to the United States in 1882, with his whole family. Fu became the head of Uncle Fu's Gang, which he founded out of several Chinese immigrants. The gang was powerful, and Uncle Fu was charged with several crimes. Uncle Fu's past offenses were piracy, illegal opium trading, "lighting firecrackers on a Tuesday", witchcraft, "stealing fire from the gods", torture, looting, "responsible for the fall of the Tang dynasty", extortion, "fencing stolen water chestnuts", "inventing bronze", aiding and abetting criminals. As of 1998, he was under investigation for extortion, robbery, running an illegal bus pass ring, beatings, whippings, choppings, murders, and inserting blasphemous/offensive words in fortune cookies.

Uncle Fu had one of the longest-lasting criminal careers, spanning from 1891 to 1997. In the latter part of his criminal career, his nephew and Underboss No Chin was in charge of the family. No Chin was a drunkard and was responsible for the attempts to kill several of his own enforcers, some Los Angeles mobsters, and the Yakuza. Uncle Fu lived in seclusion in his senior citizen home, while No Chin was causing trouble with the Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Yakuza, his own gang, and the Grove Street Families, and Uncle Fu died in 1998 of extremely-old age. Some rumors from his time went that he was over 130 years old, but he reached 127, one of the oldest ages that a person reached in their lifetime.

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