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Vercetti Gang enforcers

The Vercetti Gang was a criminal organization from Miami, Florida. Founded by former Forelli crime family made man Tommy Vercetti in 1986, the gang rose to the top of Miami's underworld, and they were allies with the Robina Gang, Juan Garcia Cortez, and the Miami Bikers, while they were enemies with the Forelli crime family, Patrol Invest Group, Streetwannabes, and Poulet Gang.

History Edit

Tommy Vercetti was originally a made man in the Forelli crime family of New York City, but he later made moves on his own while he was in Miami in 1986. Vercetti took over the gang of Ricardo Diaz after killing him at his mansion on Prawn Island, and it became the "Vercetti Estate", with Vercetti inheriting all of Diaz's wealth and remaining men. Vercetti allied with the Miami Bikers and the Robina Gang, while he fought against rival gangs such as the Poulet Gang and Streetwannabes. Eventually, he refused to pay tribute to Don Sonny Forelli, leading to Sonny declaring war on him. Vercetti took over the streets, and by the time Forelli arrived, Tommy outnumbered him. At his mansion, Tommy killed Forelli as well as his former friend Lance Vance, who was secretly plotting against him to re-form the Vance crime family. With his enemies dead, Tommy Vercetti was now the toughest boss in the city, and continued to be powerful as of 1992.

Family Edit

Boss: Tommy Vercetti

Consigliere: Ken Rosenberg

Capo: Lance Vance

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