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Vincenzo Cilli
Vincenzo Cilli
Biographical Information
Aliases "Lucky"
Gender Male
Born December 2, 1962
Queens, New York City
Died June 4, 1998
DUMBO, New York City
Affiliation Leone Leone Family
Title(s) Caporegime
Vincenzo Cilli (December 2, 1962 Queens, New York City-June 4, 1998 DUMBO, New York City) was an Italian-American career criminal who was best known for being a Caporegime in the Leone crime family from 1994 to 1998. Cilli was in charge of most of the Leone family's operations in the field for the four years that fellow caporegime Toni Cipriani was in hiding, but in 1998, he attempted to murder Cipriani to regain his lost power, but was killed in the hold of a ship docked off DUMBO.

Biography Edit

Vincenzo Cilli was born in 1962 in a predominantly Italian-American neighborhood in Queens, New York City. As a young man, he joined the Sicilian Mafia as an enforcer, and he became initiated into the Mafia in 1992 as a soldato. Cilli became the acting Caporegime for the Leone crime family in 1994 when Capo Toni Cipriani went into hiding following the murder of a fellow Leone mobster who was his rival, and Cilli took much power in the family, murdering people if Don Salvatore Leone needed him to. In 1998, Cipriani returned, and by then, Cilli outranked him. Vincenzo Cilli ordered Cipriani around mercilessly, but he called the NYPD, who watched his car when he sent Cipriani to pick it up, nearly killing him. Cipriani refused to work for Cilli after the incident, and took Vincenzo's car to a crusher, where it was destroyed as an act of vengeance.

While Cipriani was back in Don Leone's good graces, Cilli asked for a truce with him. He asked him to meet him in the hold of a cargo ship in DUMBO, where he wanted help with a shipment. However, Cipriani was ambushed by chainsaw-wielding mobsters, whom he killed with Molotov Cocktails. Then, Cilli tried to murder Cipriani with an SMG, after he tried to find out if Cipriani was dead or not. Cilli was shot dead by Cipriani when he failed to ambush him, and his body was thrown into the West River.

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