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Vladimir Glebov
Vladimir Glebov
Biographical Information
Aliases "Vlad"
Gender Male
Born April 8, 1967
Moscow, Soviet Union
Died May 6, 2008
DUMBO, Brooklyn
Affiliation Russian Mafia Faustin Family
Title(s) Capo
Vladimir Glebov was a Russian-American mobster who was a Capo in the Faustin crime family. Glebov was a close friend of Mikhail Faustin, and when he was murdered in 2008, the Faustins promptly planned retaliation.

Biography Edit

Glebov death

Glebov is executed

Glebov was born in Moscow, Russia, to serf parents. Glebov met Dimitri Rascalov and Mikhail Faustin in 1985, and they formed the Faustin crime family, and in 1989, the family moved to America, with Glebov as Faustin's right-hand man, Caporegime, and debt collector. They settled down in New York City's Brooklyn borough, where Glebov founded the Comrades Bar, his base of operations.

Glebov was arrested in 2002 for public lewdness, 2003 for sexual harassment, and 2004 for extortion. In 2005, he became involved in the gambling business, and lent Roman Bellic gambling money, but he threatened to beat him when he did not pay his debts (Roman said that his phone was out of battery and ignored him), and refused to protect him from the Albanian Mob, who were going to beat him up when he played with their money. He had an affair with his girlfriend, Mallorie Bardas, in exchange for him not beating Roman because of his debts. He was made the debt collector, so he was in charge of killing or beating people who did not pay back their debts. He was responsible for killing Jimmy Brown, an African-American gangster who did not pay debts (he sent one of his associates to steal his car), and Ivan Bytchkov, who was a fellow Faustin member, who enraged boss Mikhail.

Death Edit

Vladimir Glebov was murdered in DUMBO when Niko Bellic, Roman's cousin, found out about the affair. Niko killed his bodyguards in the Comrades Bar, and chased him down to the harbor.  He confronted him and shot him once in the chest, and then executed him with a shot to the forehead. His body was dragged a few yards and thrown into the East River, and the Faustin crime family gave the green light for Niko.

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