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Walter Payne
Walter Payne
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Chicago Outfit
Title(s) Associate
Walter Payne was the bookeeper of Al Capone and an important figure in his downfall in 1932, granting the government a ledger containing names and numbers representing the amount of cash that each of Al Capone's businesses paid him for protection money, solidifying the case that he had no legitimate source of income and thus leading to his prison sentence.

Biography Edit

Payne worked for Al Capone and the Chicago Outfit as a bookeeper for the Chicago Mob, carrying the ledger that contained the names of Capone's associates and how much money they paid him weekly. Payne was therefore an important man in the organization, which is why, during the hunt to capture Al Capone by Eliot Ness of the Treasury Department, they chased after him.

He was captured after a shootout at Union Station, where he was supposed to board a train to Miami from Chicago. Every gangster was killed, including Vito D'Ambrosio, who held Payne at gunpoint to prevent Ness from either killing them both, or shooting the bookeeper and losing his only lead. 

Payne worked in the trial and explained to the court what the numbers meant, and worked as a key factor in the persecution of Al Capone.

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