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Leone mobster
Walter Pisano
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Crusher"
Gender Male
Born February 17, 1957
DUMBO, New York City
Died April 18, 2003
Queens, New York City
Affiliation Leone Leone Family
Title(s) Capo
Walter Pisano was an Italian-American career criminal who was a Capo in the Leone crime family under Don Toni Cipriani. Pisano was murdered by Claude Speed on April 18, 2003, because Pisano attempted to murder him in 2001.

Biography Edit

Pisano was born in DUMBO, New York City, of Italian heritage. His maternal grandparents were from Sicily, and his paternal grandparents were from Naples. Pisano became a Soldier in the Leone crime family in 1984, after being a low-level enforcer. Pisano was arrested briefly in 1985 because of drug possession, for five years. After serving his sentence, he returned to crime and took part in the Leone-Forelli War of 1998.

Following the death of Salvatore Leone in 2001, Pisano was promoted to Caporegime under Underboss Joey Leone. He attempted to avenge Leone by killing Claude Speed, but failed to murder him, as his hitmen Arthur Mangano, John Scapelli, and Andrew Maranzano were killed. Pisano was murdered in 2003 by Claude Speed, shot three times in the chest and thrown into the trunk of a sedan. The sedan was driven to Ammu-Nation, where Speed purchased a car bomb and blew up the car.

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