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Warren Rizzo
Warren Rizzo
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 9, 1919
The Bronx, New York City
Died June 14, 1995
Shoreside, Queens
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato
Title(s) Associate
Warren Rizzo was a pimp who was an associate of Carmine Rosato when he founded his own crime family. He ran Sweet Life Bakery under Rosato's thumb until Dominic and Jimmy Lira took over the racket.

Biography Edit

Rizzo was born in The Bronx to Italian parents. As a young man, he took an interest in running a brothel, and he was employed by Vito Corleone to work Sweet Life Bakery, a brothel fronted by a bakery, hidden in a back room. Rizzo switched allegiance when Capo Carmine Rosato took over Queens in 1959, and ran it for Rosato until Corleone Capo Dominic took it back. Dominic claimed his first racket, and destroyed Rosato's Prostitution crime ring.

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