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Albanian Mafia associates.

The Westminster Albanians were a set of the Albanians gang, who resided in Westminster, New York City. In 2008, all of them were shot dead by The Lost MC.

 History Edit

When the Albanians came to America in 1989 following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, they fanned out across Manhattan, and settled down into "sets" different groups of the gang led by different leaders; sometimes, they did not get along and fought each other. One of these sets was in Westminster, led by Boris Serbov. Serbov's gang cruised around not only Westminster, but also North Holland, where on August 1, 2008, they were all shot dead on the highway by The Lost MC biker gang. Some of them survived, fleeing to the area north of Central Park, and then to northern Times Square, where the driver of the getaway car was killed and the last member was shot dead.

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