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Westwood Shootout
Jeremy Gang
Conflict: Lost-Jeremy Gang War
Date: September 6-8, 2008
Place: Westwood, New Jersey
Outcome: Lost MC victory

The Lost MC

Jeremy Gang


Johnny Klebitz

Brian Jeremy


7 bikers



3 killed


The Westwood Shootout was a gun battle that occured on the night of September 6 until the night of September 8, 2008, in the small town of Westwood, New Jersey, between The Lost MC and the Jeremy Gang, a group of treacherous Lost bikers who fled to join Brian Jeremy's faction of the Lost MC. The Jeremy Gang was eliminated by the Lost Brotherhood, but Jeremy survived until a later random encounter.

First Battle Edit

After splitting off from The Lost, Brian Jeremy founded the Jeremy Gang out of bikers who thought that Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz had set up imprisoned ex-president Billy Grey. However, he asked for a truce one day, and Klebitz and his faction drove to the docks, intent on killing him at the meeting.

At 12:00 PM, the two gangs met at the docks of Westwood. At the meeting, Johnson refused to leave town for good, and he ordered his men to murder all of The Lost bikers. The Lost killed all of the motorcycle-mounted bikers, driving in a circle doing drive-by shootings. Two vans of Jeremy's bikers arrived, but all of them were killed as well. Even more of them came over a wall, coming down to the harbor to attack Klebitz and his posse, but they were killed, and the last fleeing bikers were gunned down after a chase. Ambulances arrived at around 12:18, and picked up the dead bodies, after The Lost MC drove off.

Second Battle Edit

Pegorino crime family Capo Ray Boccino informed the Lost MC about the whereabouts of Brian, since he needed business partners since his boss was a paranoid wreck and his family was under intense federal pressure. They headed to Jeremy's safehouse in Kearny, and killed all of Brian Jeremy's loyal followers. Jeremy was allowed to escape, as Klebitz didn't have the will to kill a man when he wasn't behaving like one. Jeremy fled the town, but was killed later on when he returned.

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