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Wook Ki Song
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 1, 1933
Province of Korea, Japan
Died December 28, 2008
Koreatown, New Jersey
Affiliation Hangug-ui Mapia
Title(s) Don
Wook Ki Song was a Korean crime boss who was the founder of the Hangug-ui Mapia criminal organization.

Biography Edit

Song was born in the Empire of Japan's Province of Korea in what is now North Korea, in 1933. In 1953, after the end of the Korean War, he immigrated to the United States, using his skills gained as a North Korean soldier to become a career assassin. Soon, he was able to hire help with his blood money, and founded the Hangug-ui Mapia assassin's society.

Song made enemies with the New York City Triads, and fought them in a series of mob wars. In 2008, Hsin Jaoming hired The Lost MC leader Johnny Klebitz to kill him. Klebitz killed Song and his underboss Gi Eun Rhee in Mr. Fuk's Rice Box.

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