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Triad associate
Ying Sung
Biographical Information
Aliases King
Gender Male
Born June 14, 1985
Chungking, China
Died April 18, 2008
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Triad Mountain Cloud Boys
Title(s) Red Pole
Ying Sung was a Red Pole in the Mountain Cloud Boys, which was the leading Chinese crime family in Los Angeles. Ying Sung was known to be an experienced killer, who carried out several hit tasks. Ying Sung was killed in 2008 by the Korean Mob, who were the Triads' rivals.

Biography Edit

Ying Sung was born in Chungking, China, but immigrated to California when he was two years old. He had a poor family, and found a good life for himself being involved in the Mafia, where he got a sense of ethnic identity. He became a Red Pole (enforcer) in the Triad, and was the one who carried out the killing of merchant George Andrews, who refused to pay the Mafia money. Ying Sung later killed Peter Andrews, who was a judge presiding over the case of Sing vs. Los Angeles, which was the trial of mob boss Han Lau, who was the Mountain Master of the Blood Feather Triad, a Mountain Cloud Boys ally.

The Korean Mob moved into Los Angeles in 2007, hoping to expand their criminal empire into Chinatown there. Ying Sung was sent to kill Korean Mob 49 Chung Kip-yong, who was a ruthless soldier in the family. Chung was killed at the New Taipei Chinese Restaurant by Sung, which provoked the Koreans to put a hit on him.

Ying Sung was murdered on April 18 by the Lee crime family while he was at an auto repair shop in Downtown LA, which was the hideout of Mountain Cloud Boys Vanguard Lin Zhu. The Lee family sent three gunmen, Ling Tao, Bing Zhong, and Lu Ba, to kill Ying Sung as he was in the shop paying the owner. The gunmen shot him with .38 Snub Nose revolvers as he exited the business, shooting him five times in the chest and arms.

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