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Russian Capo
Yuri Boleslavovich
Biographical Information
Aliases "Alphabet"
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1951
Sevastopol, Russia
Died March 26, 1992
Los Angeles, America
Affiliation Russian Mafia Sokolov crime family
Title(s) Capo
Yuri Boleslavovich was a Serb-Russian mobster who served as one of two Capos of the Sokolov crime family, alongside Pyotr Dimitrov. In 1992, he was murdered by Grove Street Families gangsters in Los Angeles, California.

Biography Edit

Boleslavovich was born in Sebastopol, in the present-day country of Ukraine. He was an important figure in the Gun Smuggling business, shipping AK-47s from Russia to Iran in 1979, following the revolution, making lots of money. Boleslavovich moved to America in 1990 when the Berlin Wall was torn down, and the surge of Russian mobsters began. He became associated with German Sokolov, a Russian crime lord who set up operations in Los Angeles, a center of the criminal underworld. Boleslavovich rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a Caporegime in the family, with Pyotr Nikolayevich, Andrei Lennartsson, and Dmitri Barbarov acting as his soldiers. In 1992, Boleslavovich became the leader of the gun smuggling operation in Los Angeles, trading with the Ballas, an African-American street gang. The Ballas and Russians formed a small-scale alliance, as Sokolov's family was sidelined during the GSF-Ballas War that occured in 1992. Boleslavovich became an important target on the hit list of Sweet Johnson, the leader of the GSF, and the murder was accomplished by his brother CJ Johnson.

Boleslavovich was talking with his associate Aleksandr Gramov in The Attrium in L.A. when CJ Johnson walked up to them and shot them both with an SMG, killing them. Their bodies were put in the trunk of his car and driven to the beaches, where they were thrown into the ocean. Boleslavovich's body was never found, but his signature golden revolver was found on the sand near where the corpses were dumped.

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